International Conference on Observational and Theoretical Aspects of Exoplanets

Responsive imageAn international conference on Observational and Theoretical Aspects of Exoplanets will be held as part of the Annual Meeting of Asian Oceania Geosciences Society (  This conference will take place in Singapore on 30th July - 04 Aug 2023.  It will bring international experts in exoplanets together to discuss topics covering exoplanet theories and observations, including formation and evolution dynamics, observational statistics, and data analysis and modeling techniques in observation. We will also discuss future space missions, including PLATO, ROMAN, ET, and ARIEL.


The conference website is at

The website for submitting abstracts and registering the meeting is at

This conference is the Section PS23 (Observational and Theoretical Aspects of Exoplanets) in the Planetary Science Section.


The following are important dates for this meeting:

Abstract submission deadline: 21 Feb 2023
Abstract Review Outcome:  21 Mar 2023
Early Bird Registration: 21 Mar 2023 to 18 May 2023


Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Eric Agol
Luke Bouma
Eric Ford
Dong Lai
Gongjie Li
Doug Lin
Gracjan Maciejewski
Shude Mao
Benjamin Pope
Malena Rice
Sara Seager
Giovanna Tinetti
Sharon Wang
Songhu Wang
Jennifer Yee
Jilin Zhou

Several more would be invited and updated.

Scientific Organizing Committee: Jian Ge, Chelsea Huang, and Ing-Guey Jiang