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No.Title NameEISSNCoverage
1Advances in Optics and Photonics1943-82062009-2018
2Applied Optics2155-31651962-2018
3Applied Spectroscopy1943-35301946-2018
4Biomedical Optics Express2156-70852010-2018
5Chinese Optics Letters-2003-2018
6Current Optics and Photonics
(Formerly as the Journal of the Optical Society of Korea)
7Journal of Lightwave Technology1558-22131998-2018
8Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (New)1751-65521992-2018
9Journal of Optical Communications and Networking1943-06392009-2018
10Journal of Optical Technology1091-07861999-2018
11Journal of the Optical Society of America A1520-85321984-2018
12Journal of the Optical Society of America B1520-85401984-2018
14Optical Materials Express-2011-2018
15Optics and Photonics News1541-37211990-2018
16Optics Express1094-40871997-2018
17Optics Letters1539-47941977-2018
18Photonics Research-2013-2018
19Journal of Optical Networking (Archives)1536-53792002-2009
20Journal of the Optical Society of America0030-39411917-1983
21Optics News0098-907X1975-1989
22Journal of Display Technology1551-319X2005-2016
23Journal of the Optical Society of Korea1226-47761997-2016
24Conference Proceedings Papers2162-27011979-2018
25OSA Image Bank--
26Lasers eBook--
27OSA Century of Optics--
28OPN Centennial Booklets--