Physics Research Promotion Center (PRPC) provides books and journals to physics researchers in Taiwan. The Physics Library was established on the 3rd floor in Physics Building, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in 1966. It occupies around 826 square meters, and also a importance place to keep physics books. In 1992, the Physics Library was set to be branck of Main Library of NTHU and connected with campus network. The readers can borrow books, reserve books and look into journals through the library. From 2014, the Library was turned into physics learning resource center.

Since 2001, PRPC invited around 32 universities and research institutes, plus 4 main publishers including APS, AIP, IOP, OSA, to form Physics E-journal Consortia. In 2018, there are 33 institutes in this consortia. It helps the members’ researchers and students, around 400,000 people, quickly and directly access to more than 50-60 journals. PRPC also negotiates and bargains with publishers on behalf of all league members to reduce journal expenditures. 

PRPC will aim to get better contracts with publishers and probe into physics researchers’ need for journals and books with data analysis technique. Then PRPC can provide appropriate journals and books to advance physics researches in Taiwan.


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Note: Opening hours may be changed due to power failure or repairing construction.

E-Journals and data base service will be available whole day.



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  • Automatic Borrowing Maching:

    • Reserved books or overdue books can not be processed by automatic borrowing maching. Before 17:00, you may contact with librarians. After 17:00, you may contact with librarians on the next day. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Ms. Yi-Wen Lu

E-mail: ywlu@phys.nthu.edu.tw; prpc.lib@phys.nthu.edu.tw
Campus Extension: 42550
Telephone: 03-5742550;03-5715547

Job Description: Library Service Provider

Ms. Hui-Fen Lo

E-mail: w10169@phys.nthu.edu.tw; prpc.lib@phys.nthu.edu.tw
Campus Extension: 42550
Telephone: 03-5742550;03-5715547

Job Description: Journal Service Provider


  • Book and Journal Open Shelf - with chairs, tables and sofas.
  • Book Cashier - borrowing, returning、reserving and extended borrowing (available on autmatic borrowing machine).
  • Reference consulting - help readers to find the collection in need.
  • Book recommendation - Please fill out the form Book Recommendation Webpage.
  • CD roms、internet data base inquiring and printing.
  • Cooperation between libraries.

The above printing services are all subject to copyright laws in Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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  2. National Tsing Hua University
  3. National Center for Theoretical Sciences
  4. NTHU Library
  5. All 4 UST (Library Service for NTHU, NCTU, NCU, YMU)
  6. Physics Department, NTHU