AMD Computing & User Training Workshop for NSTCCore Computing Service on Mar. 29 2024

AMD Computing & User Training Workshop for NSTCCore Computing Service on Mar. 29 2024


今年度第一場高效能科學計算工作坊將於 2024 年 3 月 29日 (五) 舉辦,誠摯邀請院內同仁及大專院校參加。國科會高效能核心計算服務計畫,在國科會支持下,交由中研院物理所高能物理與科學計算技術中心 (ASGC) 執行,提供本「高效能科學計算服務」。

介紹ASGC Computing服務及儲存服務的內容和基礎操作,計算服務包含SLURM和DiCOSApp,提供Batch mode和SaaS計算使用需求。

二、研究資料管理與寄存;研究資料寄存所 (depositar) 介紹與使用 (邀請到中研院資訊所 depositar 團隊 )
可共享、再次利用的研究資料,是科學發展的基石。而研究資料可否被如期地釋出,則取決於資料管理的工作是否紮實。在開放科學漸受世界各國重視的此刻,研究資料管理的重要性正日益彰顯,而研究資料儲存庫作為資料共享的核心設施,也扮演著促進研究資料能否符合 FAIR 原則(可被找到、可被取用、可相互操作、可再次使用)的關鍵角色。本課程將帶大家了解研究資料管理及以 FAIR 為基礎的研究資料儲存庫 depositar(研究資料寄存所)。

三、AMD EPYC CPU platform for High-Performance Computing計算資源探索


在這場研討會中,我們將深入探討AMD EPYC CPU的特點和硬體架構,讓您對AMD的最新技術有更深入的理解。除此之外,我們還將提供針對編譯和使用等技術的訓練,涵蓋了Complier、Library、OpenMP/MPI等重要工具和技巧,讓您能夠充分發揮AMD計算資源的潛力。在這次訓練中,我們將分享效能調優的技巧,幫助您優化您的應用程序,以獲得更好的性能表現。最重要的是,我們將提供互動式的環節,讓您有機會將您的需求和使用上的問題帶到現場進行研討和討論,與其他參與者一起交流和分享經驗。


時間:2024 年 3 月29 日 9:00AM~15:30PM

地點:中央研究院人文社會科學館 3樓 – 遠距會議室


– 參加實作訓練的學員,需自備筆電,並安裝Putty或其他終端機軟體。

– 參加實作訓練的學員請先行完成服務帳號註冊,帳號註冊說明如下:

– 當天若因故無法實體參與,另提供線上直播以供觀看,歡迎您填寫報名表單,直播網址將寄至所註冊的電子郵件信箱。



Dear Users,

We are excited to announce the AMD Computing & User Training Workshop for NSTCCore Computing Service 2024 is now open for registration!  We are pleased to invite you to attend this exclusive upcoming workshop.

A special session to have AMD technical expert team to give a useful guide to improve your computing performance with AMD computing resources.

Besides, we have invited the depositar team of the Institute of Information Science to give introductions that help you to get in-depth knowledge of research data management.

In the morning session,  there will be

  1. SLURM & DiCOSApp Computing & Storage Service: Introduction & Hands-on

We will introduce ASGC computing & storage service, including policy, pricing and service. Hands-on of SLURM and DiCOSApp for both batch and SaaS mode computing tasks will be given as well.

  1. Research Data Management and Repository; depositar: Introduction & Hands-on : (Invite to the depositar team of the Institute of Information Technology, Academia Sinica )

Research data that can be shared and reused is the cornerstone of scientific development. Whether research data can be released as scheduled depends on how well the data has been managed. At this moment when open science is increasingly valued worldwide, the importance of research data management is increasingly acknowledged. Research data repositories, as core facilities for data sharing and preservation, also play crucial roles in promoting the compliance of research data with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). This course will guide you through the basics of research data management and introduce depositar, an free and open data repository developed to meet the FAIR data principles.

In the afternoon session, there will be

  1. Discover AMD EPYC CPU platform for High-Performance Computing

AMD technical experts will give the introduction of AMD EPYC CPU Architecture and its unique features that helps you to grow in-depth knowledge of AMD latest technology. Besides, we will give training course including AMD Compiler, Library and OpenMP/MPI …etc. We will also share performance tuning technique to help you to optimize your computing performance on AMD clusters. All participants are welcomed to bring up your requirements or questions. We are happy to meet and discuss with you in this workshop.

We look forward for your participation!

Date: 09:00 ~ 15:30, Friday, March-29 2024

Registration On-line at:

Place: Media Conference Room, 3F, Building of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica (No.128, Sec.2, Academia Road, Taipei, Taiwan) 

– Please bring your own laptop/tablet with a installed terminal tool (Putty or other terminal toolkits) if you will join Hands-on session

– Please register your account before joining Hands-on session.

– If you couldn’t join the physical workshop, welcome to join via live cast. Please fill the registration form, we will send URL of live cast to your email account.