The “2023 Future Technology Award” is open for online applications from now until 6/12

The “2023 Future Technology Award” is open for online applications from now until 6/12

TIE’s annual scientific research event encourages the participation of innovative applications and technologies with industrial needs

FUTEX 2023 will be held at the Taiwan Innovation and Technology Expo (TIE Expo) from October 12 (Thursday) to October 14 (Saturday), in order to echo the national development priorities and highlight China’s scientific and technological research and development energy, the “Future Technology Award”, which is entering its 7th year, will select forward-looking scientific research technologies that can lead the development of the country, and promote the exchange of industry-university achievements in combination with the benefits of the exhibition.

The 2023 Future Science and Technology Award will be accepted for online application from now until June 12 (Monday), and the results of academic research projects subsidized by the National Science Council, the Academia Sinica, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Welfare will be widely solicited, and the participation of technologies with national development core technologies such as semiconductors, net zero, precision health, space science and technology, and technologies with prototypes and practical cases that can be applied in 3-5 years is encouraged.

In order to select the key indicator technology that meets the needs of the industry, the Future Science and Technology Award will hire industry, government, academia and research experts to form a jury to select the final winning technology on the two criteria of “scientific breakthrough” and “industrial applicability”, in addition to awarding bonuses and public award praise, the winning technology can also be promoted through the exhibition platform to find developing cooperative enterprises, last year’s post-exhibition statistics have contributed to nearly 40 matching results of 90 million, and through the “Outbound to promote Taiwan’s scientific research to advance internationally” strategy. Sending innovative teams to overseas exhibitions strengthens international cooperation opportunities. For information and registration, please visit the Future Technology Award Submission Website (

For more exhibitions and awards, please visit the “Future Science and Technology Museum Website” (, or join the “Future Science and Technology Museum Fan Page” ( and Line@ official account “@futex”.

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