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Issue 113

(2nd Notice)

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1. Conference subsidies and conditions are divided into the following 4 categories:

    1. Conference of the Society: refers to the academic seminar authorized by the organization of the domestic society in the field of physics, and its subsidy is capped at 50% of the total expenditure of the conference.
    2. Medium-sized conferences: The number of participants is more than 50 and the duration of the event is 3 days, and the subsidy is capped at the number of self-funded.
    3. Small-scale conferences: Single-day conferences hosted by domestic academic units or individuals, with a maximum subsidy of 80,000 yuan, and administrative assistance provided by the center.
    4. Field group meetings: The conveners of each field group shall propose a regular annual meeting plan, which shall be listed as a perennial subsidy, and the subsidy shall be capped at 80,000 yuan per meeting.

II. Acceptance Time and Review Method:

    1. The acceptance time of the conference and medium-sized conference is divided into two periods, the first period is from January 1 to February 15, and the second period is from June 1 to July 15, and the application is submitted 6 months before the conference.
    2. The acceptance time for the mini-meeting is 6 weeks before the meeting, and the application form is submitted by e-mail, and the resolution will be reviewed by the Centre by the 2 executive committee members.
    3. The sub-field group shall propose a perennial plan for the field group meetings and shall be directly accepted and handled.

3. Review principles and funding should:

    1. Whether it is in line with the development priorities of the Natural Sciences Department of the National Science Council, is helpful to domestic research in the same field, and invites speakers to help improve the academic level.
    2. Provide relevant information for the application, including the theme, content, expected outcomes, agenda, funding sources, projects, and amount of the seminar.
    3. If you apply for a regular meeting, you must provide the information of the benefits generated after the latest session for review and reference.
    4. The subsidy and approved funds shall be decided by the committee by voting, and the subsidy shall be based on the voting results of more than (including) 2/3 of the votes, and the subsidy shall be based on the highest number of votes.
    5. The amount exceeding the approved subsidy will not be disbursed.
    6. If cancelled due to force majeure, the Center reserves the right to review the subsidy funds.
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