27th Biophysics Symposium 2

27th Biophysics Symposium 2

[Venue]: Hualien Tzu Chi University Headquarters  and Jing Building Performing Arts Hall  (B106)

[Address]:  970 No. 701, Section 3, Central Road, Hualien City

How to get to Tzu Chi University :

  • On the morning of May 17, four shuttle buses will be arranged from Hualien Railway Station to Tzu Chi University at the following times: 

11:15 、 11:45 、 12:20 、12:45

The number of passengers per shuttle bus is limited to 43, please take the next bus when the quota is full, please forgive me for the inconvenience, thank you.

  • There are buses from Hualien Railway Station to Tzu Chi University, and bus frequency 305 and 305A. (Google Map link)

Conference Venue: Peformance Hall (B106) , He-Jing Building, Tzu Chi University Campus

Address: 701 Zhongyang Rd., Sec. 3, Hualien 970, Taiwan 

How to get to Tzu Chi University :

  • There are four shuttle buses arranged for the morning of May 17th from Hualien Train Station to Tzu Chi University, departing from the rear station. The shuttle bus departure times are: 

11:15, 11:45, 12:20, and 12:45. 

The shuttle can only take up to 43 passengers at a time, so please wait for the next one if it’s already full. Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks.

  • Bus routes 305 and 305A are available from Hualien Train Station rear station to Tzu Chi University. (Google Map link)
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