The 8th Interdisciplinary Exchange Conference (2024/1/20)

The 8th Interdisciplinary Exchange Conference (2024/1/20)

Starting from 2021/10/5, this is the 8th interdisciplinary exchange meeting of chemistry, biology and physics, and this event is continued because everyone’s feedback is very good. Unlike many other conferences, this is a bottom-up, self-organized conference with participants from all walks of life, but sharing the same curiosity. The format of the conference speech is mainly a short lecture of 10 minutes, and the content of the speech focuses on the introduction of one’s own field, personal research interests and expertise, and the part that looks forward to cooperating with others. Many speakers have met collaborators here and found answers in their own research. Here you will find a lot of Taiwanese talents, many wonderful presentations and research results. We continue to hold such events because we believe that there are many knowledge gaps to be solved by researchers across disciplines, and that through brainstorming, we can find ways to connect knowledge and methods from different fields to develop unique collaborative projects.

Official language: English
The meeting will be conducted in English
Organizers: Department of Chemistry, Division of Biological Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences, National Science Council and Taiwan Physical Society

Co-organizer: Chemistry Group, Science Promotion Center, Department of Natural Sciences, National Science Council

Time: 2024-01-20 (Sat) 10:00-16:00
*This workshop is open to principal investigators
*This session is for PIs only
Format: In person meeting

Method: Physical meeting
Venue: GIS Xinwuri Convention Center (Conference Room 401) at Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station

Venue: Room 401, Franklin Hall, Brainstorm New Wuri Convention Center (No. 26, High-speed Rail East 1st Road, Wuri District, Taichung City 414).

* Registration closes when the number of participants reaches 80.
* Due to limited capacity at the conference venue, on-site registration will not be available.
* The capacity of the conference space is limited, and on-site registration cannot be accepted
Please register online before January 14, 2024 for the relevant arrangements of the conference, thank you!!

Event and registration website:

National Taiwan University Institute of Chemical Sciences
Professor Ji Hongyuan

Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University
Professor Li Hongwen
TEL: 02-3366-4089

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University
Professor Law Saiqiang
TEL: 02-33661875

Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University
Professor Wang Jianlong
TEL: 02-3366-8671

Institute of Cell and Individual Biology, Academia Sinica
Researcher Su Yixuan
TEL: 02-2789-9511

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Researcher Lin Genghui
TEL: 02-2789-6763

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