A Full-Time Faculty Position Available at the Institute and Undergraduate of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University

We are seeking full-time(or contract)faculty members at the assistant professor level or higher. Outstanding scholars and experts who demonstrate the potential for independent research are encouraged to join our teaching and research team. The appointed faculty will be responsible for teaching undergraduate courses in optoelectronic engineering, including laboratory sessions, participating in enrollment activities, utilizing existing research facilities, and mentoring graduate students.

Qualifications & Areas of Expertise

  1. Candidates must possess a Ph.D. or have held a position at the level of Assistant Professor (or higher) in optoelectronics or a related field.
  2. Preference will be given to candidates with an educational background or experience in foreign academic research institutions.
  3. Candidates must have complete English teaching experience as one of the priority requirements.
  4. Candidates who are able to teach ALL courses in English.

Quota1 (All classes are taught in English)

Start DateFeb. 1st, 2025

Application conditions

  1. For novice teachers: Those who have a domestic or foreign doctoral degree or an equivalent diploma. Anyone who has not had tenure as a full-time teacher at a college or higher education institution within 2 years (excluding male military service) from the date of recruitment announcement since obtaining a doctoral degree can be considered a novice teacher with a doctoral degree.
  2. Non-novice teachers should meet one of the following conditions:

According to the qualification requirements for newly hired full-time teachers of the School of Science and Technology and Engineering, in addition to the first-time teachers who have obtained a doctoral degree, the newly hired full-time teachers should meet one of the following conditions:

  1. In the past three years, two papers should be published in academic journals indexed by SCI, SSCI, TSSCI, EI, A&HCI, THCI (formerly THCI Core) or SCOPUS, etc., and be the first author or correspondent author.
  2. In the past three years, at least two research projects of the National Science Association (formerly the Ministry of Science and Technology) shall be presided over (limited to the principal investigator).
  3. There should be more than one invention patent or international competition award every year in the last three years.
  4. In the past three years, at least one should preside over (limited to the principal investigator) one or more academic development industrial technology projects, industrial science and college projects, or industry-university cooperation projects, with specific results available for review.
  5. Have rich practical experience in the industry and have specific achievements for review.

The aforementioned journal articles and research projects of the National Science Association (formerly the Ministry of Science and Technology) can be offset against each other.

Application Documents

  1. 01-Resume form, research results, and related catalogs within five years (please download the format)
  2. 02-Selection Review Form for Institute and Undergraduate of Electro-Optical Engineering. (Please download the format)
  3. List of personal works (publications, patents, research projects, specific contributions in the industry, awards, and other favorable documents for review; publications should be noted in the Impact factor, ranking of the year of publication, And check the full text of at most five works in the nearby 5 years, among which the representative works need to explain the contribution description and proportion of each author additionally). ※If there is no certificate above the assistant professor level, please attach a full text of the doctoral dissertation.
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Personal autobiography
  6. An overview of the future research direction of the individual
  7. Academic experience, doctoral degree certificate, photocopies of relevant supporting documents, etc.
  8. One copy of each course that can be offered and its curriculum planning outline (the grade of the course is not limited; please refer to the website of this course for the course name)

Application process

  1. Please log in to NTNU’s recruitment system to register before the effective period of the announcement: http://pms.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/HireApp/index.jsp
  2. The application materials should be clearly marked in sequence within the time limit, bound into a booklet, and submitted electronically.

1) Paper documents, please send by registered mail Undergraduate of Electro-Optical Engineering of National Taiwan Normal University (Applicant teacher). 3rd Floor, Applied Science Building, No. 88, Section 4, Tingzhou Road, Wenshan District, Taipei 11677.

2) Submit the information electronically

Please download the file on the website, fill in the “Resume Form and Research Achievements and Catalogue within Five Years” and ” Institute and Undergraduate of Electro-Optical Engineering Selection Review Form, ” and send the electronic files to the contact person’s email address.

Contact: Teaching Assistant Chou 886-2-77496729 Email: ieo@ntnu.edu.tw

Application Deadline

August 15, 2024 (electronic files and paper copies need to be sent). We will contact qualified candidates for interview, and all application materials will not be returned.


國立臺灣師範大學光電工程研究所暨學士學位學程  徵聘教師公告














  1. 最近三年應有二篇發表於 SCI、SSCI、TSSCI、EI、A&HCI、民國一百零五年新制 THCI(原THCI Core)或 SCOPUS 等索引收錄之學術性期刊論文,且為第一作者或通訊作者。
  2. 最近三年至少應主持(限計畫主持人)二個科技部(原國科會)研究計畫。
  3. 最近三年平均每年應有一件以上國內外發明專利或國際級比賽獎項。
  4. 最近三年至少應主持(限計畫主持人)一件以上學界開發產業技術計畫、業界科專計畫或產學合作計畫,有具體成果可供審查。
  5. 具豐富業界實務經驗,有具體成就可供審查。





(三)個人著作清單(歷年論文著作、研討會著作、專利、研究計畫、產業上具體貢獻事蹟、獲獎獎勵等有利審查資料;其中論文著作需於後詳載刊登年之Impact factor, ranking,並檢附近5年內至多五篇著作全文,其中代表作需額外說明各作者的貢獻說明與比例)。 ※如無助理教授等級以上之證書者,請檢附博士論文全文一份。







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